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Flexible lifting door
Flexible lifting door Flexible lifting door Flexible lifting door

Flexible lifting door


Professional design for large size garage, painting shop and small scale hanger. It is composed of upper rail, bottom rail, upper guide wheel, bottom guide wheel, main column, parallelogram hinge mechanism, PVC door curtain, aluminum wind bar, handle, etc.

l      Product structure

Upper rail

standard   1 steel profile

Side column

square steel tube

The door curtain is folded up during opening, the side columns are movable, ground rail is not necessary.

1-2 power brake system, 5.0kw-15kw motor


Power supply

380V AC, 50Hz

Control voltage


Double curtain (200-1400mm gap in between them), PVC coated vinyl belt and stream-lined glass fabric solid plate.

Working temperature

-30 to 70

Curtain tensile strength

400 dan/5cm

l       Technical parameters





Wind load


control mode

centralized/de-centralized control

Precision of the rail alignment



0.086w/m 2C


two self lock system

l       Product specification

Size up to 800-1500 m2 wind resistance: 12grade

2 sets of hydraulic push rod brake and 1 set of height limitation device are built in the hoist mechanism, the upper and lower limit switch are used for guarantee no over run of the door

Eddy current AC motor combine with cylinder type gear box, drive the parallel hoist winding drum where steel cable is used to lift up the door curtain.

On the shaft between the motor and the gear box and the output shaft of the gear box, two hydraulic push rod brake system are applied individually. The running speed of the door is adjusted by the eddy current of the motor; the end limit switch in the hoist drum limits the highest and lowest position of the door.

Safety brake system will lock the door in case the steel cable is broken during the door is running.

Door dimension range: height, 5-40 m

Total weight: 0.5-20 ton

The complete curtain is composed of 3-20 pieces of PVC coated stream-lined vinyl or glass fabric solid plate (1mm).
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