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Steel fireproof door
Steel fireproof door

Steel fire-proof door

l       Technical information

Beautiful appearance, durable and strong structure. Suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

Tight edge seal, aluminum silicate fiber cotton material is filled inside the door panel for fireproof, tight edge seal sound isolation. Fireproof door is categorized as class A,B,C.

l       Application

Steel fireproof doors are widely used in food, pharmacy, electronics, textile, printing, automobile industry, chemical industry , steel metallurgy, machinery, warehouse, logistics and other application that needs entrance and exit control. Steel fireproof door can also be tailor design and made according to special requirement from end users.

l       Product description

Changfeng steel fireproof door is easy to install. Testing by the extinguishing and protection authority in China has been taken and passed, the corresponding certification has been award.

Total thickness of the door panel: 50mm

Thickness of the door panel surface steel plate: 0.8mm

Special steel reinforcement is arranged at the four corner of the door frame. Aluminum silicate fiber cotton material is firmly attached onto the steel plate of the door panel. Two safety latches, EPDM seal edge for three side of the door, standard square door frame with 20mm frame embedded to the ground. Tempered glass windows, RAL9002 grey-white color power coating on the door surface.

Interlock style embedded lock body comply with German standard. Black color PVC fireproof handle.

Standard accessories: standard hinges and spring hinges.

Option: door closing device

Opening method: signal open panel or double open panel.

l       Standard configuration  

Fireproof bearing hinge, fireproof evaluation locks and glass window.

l       Application

Emergency access, factory evaluation exit, commercial building and public facility evaluation exit.

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