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The doors hood is an economical and practical choice
admin  2012-7-11 14:43:19
The doors hood is an economical and practical choice.
Its high wear resistance of polyester fibers and surface coating,
Good elastic polyurethane material of the core and solid connections around the vehicle with the warehouse to get a tight seal. Chloroprene fibers of the housing door surface material for high-quality rubber material or the polyethylene base fiber cloth,
Oxygen small fiber rubber material with better wear resistance, should not be less than 30,000; ~.
Fixed door hood frame is made of high-quality galvanized steel box body, outside the framework covered with
After UV treatment sturdy translucent plastic or polyester fiber materials.
The border with the hinged connection can backlog when the car is near, ensure
Necessary soft flexibility.
Door seal front frame, rear rack and connecting arms, after the overall framework of corrosion-resistant heat
Galvanized, anodized aluminum profiles, fixed and decorative surface
Processing, elegant appearance.
The top of the frame of the top of the housing door was inclined surface, so that the drainage on the top.
Corner protector of the bottom of the system to ensure that the door cover slats in a vertical state, while better confined
. Top of the curtain buckle with elastic wind band system to fix its position, vertical (on both sides) and
Important at the edge of the top of the curtain are filling composite materials to achieve a tight seal.
- Surface material has the characteristics of natural resistance and fire.
For the protection of the loading and unloading cargo and door cover from from the loading and unloading goods in the process of collision to reduce
Maintenance, increase steel protective device.
Door cover, designed to adapt to changes in the size of the doorway opening to the kinds of specifications size.
Black bottom seal with the door seal to improve door seal tightness.
} Install door seal width of at least more than the hole width ~, 400mm.
} Door cover seal can be applied to the trunk height from 3500 to 4100mm.
◆ subject to the top of the curtain plate bearing capacity, according to the requirements of the top of the curtain plate
Side of the cut, the top of the curtain plate and vehicle perfect lap.
◆ front and rear box connected by hinged hip connection. Its structure is soft and flexible and can
Avoid impact. The scissor door seal can achieve the floor and thicker.
● framework structure standard height of 3200mm, 3600mm;
● standard width of 32 50mm, 3450mm;
● Top Gualian length of 1000mm, 850mm:
The I side Ministry depth 600mm;
● side Gualian height of 600mm;
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